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Both Hands On The Pencil

A Drip For Drip guide to better freelancing without excel sheets or going insane

I’ve been freelancing for as long as I can remember and that never was a planned career move. I went to graphic design college and did four internships. After that I suddenly was a freelance designer. I wasn’t trained to run a business – I was hardly trained to be a graphic designer – but there I was, trying to figure out what freelancing meant as I went along.

They don’t talk much about freelancing in school. You pretty much have to rely on good old trial and error and I am here to share both of those from my practice in hopes it will help you in your freelance career. No tricks, no magic, no shortcuts (sadly) but hopefully helpful nonetheless. Let’s get our Both Hands On The Pencil.

Wijtze Valkema is a commercial illustrator. His portfolio can be found at Drip For Drip.



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Grab the blank template and make your own Both Hands On The Pencil! Would love to see your version, tag me @dripfordrip

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