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A Live Tape To Get Rich Quick MP3 DOWNLOAD

€10.00 EUR

S. Lois – A Live Tape To Get Rich Quick MP3 / WAV DOWNLOAD

1. Red Lantern

2. South Of Happiness 

3. Miss Me A Mountain 

4. No Mountain 

5. (Tuning) 

6. Mother

7. Baby, It’s Only A Banjo* 

8. I Stopped Worrying (A Long Time Ago)

9. Some Dark Holler 

10. Sometimes You Just Gotta 

 11. Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone  

Recorded Live at the Vegafabriek on January 17, 2023 By S.Lois (C) & (P) Wijtze Valkema

Live photography by Gerrie van Barneveld at Der Aa-theater, Groningen on January 11, 2023 

 All songs written by Wijtze Valkema except Track 9 (Traditional) & Track 11 (A.P. Carter)

*Exclusive to this release

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