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The Rough Pack: a rough edge vector brush pack for Adobe Illustrator by Wijtze Valkema | €8

I have developed a set of vector brushes to use in Adobe Illustrator to add rough edges to the sharp, straight looks of vector artwork. The Rough Pack brushes will follow any shape or stroke you apply them to and I hope these will help you make beautiful illustrations and save you time.

Before buying the set, try out the brush The Drop for free to see if these brushes will benefit your work process.

10 brush pack for €8 (£7/$9) via PayPal: BUY

The file will be sent manually so please allow for a couple hours delay - different time zones make me sleepy! Thank you for your patience!


The Rough Pack comes with 10 pre-loaded brushes that you can save in Illustrator’s brushes to use in all your Adobe Illustrator files:


• Use a PayPal account using an email address you check so I can send you free updates in the future (no spam, obviously)

• See tutorial video above how to save and load the brushes in Adobe Illustrator so you'll be able to use them in any .AI file. 

• All brushes are made in one scale, which means large, detailed shapes will have stretched out edges and small, simple shapes will look condensed. Mix up different brushes in your artwork looking for the best brush for each of your shapes.

• For large shapes such as horizons and backgrounds, you might want to divide the shape into two or more smaller shapes to prevent the brush from stretching out too much. Placing an anchor point in the middle of a line using the Scissor tool (or 'C' in keyboard shortcuts) is a quick and easy way to do this.

• If you want the rough edge to appear all around the outside of a shape, make sure the shape is joined and has no gaps. Hitting Command+J quickly closes a shape.

• Use The Straight and The Cobble's alternate versions (named I and II on both brushes) to avoid shapes of exact proportion looking copy-pasted. Rotating and flipping objects works, too.

• Experiment with your stroke widths as this has a big impact on how the rough edges look.

• The brushes are made to connect seamlessly on closed shapes. If a corner of a shape looks weird and uneven, please check your anchor points to see if you can clean up your shape. Shapes that end in a sharp point might benefit from a bit of rounding off by using Illustrator's Live Corners tool.

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