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Introtuesday: Zach Hill

We’re constantly looking for interesting artists on Instagram. We will be introducing them every tuesday in a series called Introtuesday. Please meet Los Angeles, United States based graphic designer Zachary Hill.

What are you working on at the moment? Besides the work I do for the studio I work with, I am working on a series of animated gifs for a freelance client which should be fun and doing some work for Creative Honey which is a podcast & blog I co host with my girlfriend.

What is your process like? I try not to but when doing personal work I definitely look to use the freedom that comes with it to explore new styles and concepts. Overall my process usually starts with rough sketches and notes in the sketchbook to either create or begin to finalize concepts. From there I hop onto the computer and using mostly adobe illustrator I start to create some of the concepts that I sketched out, but usually other concepts can materialize as part of this process and sometimes for the final deliverable I go with a concept that I came up with on screen rather than off of it.

What is your favorite work snack?
Does coffee count?! :) Other than that I’ve been trying to eat healthier lately so I’ll eat granola or fruit/nut bars throughout the day.

What do you do when you find yourself stuck in the creative process?
Honestly, I rarely get stuck in the creative process, but only because I work and create something as often as I can. So my answer would be is that if I do start feeling stuck I try to simply work my way out of it by making a quick doodle or sketch. I think if you make something everyday and are constantly working to get better at this you’ll find yourself getting stuck less and less. I kind of compare it to practicing or working out daily for a big game in the sports world :)

Follow Zachary on instagram and check out his portfolio at Check out the Drip For Drip coffee cup collaborations at

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