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Introtuesday: Nicole Cmar

We’re constantly looking for interesting artists on Instagram. We will be introducing them every tuesday in a series called Introtuesday. Please meet Columbus, United States based illustrator, designer, and pre-press producer Nicole Cmar.

What are you working on at the moment? I recently started working a full time gig as a pre-press producer for a local printing and design company. I’m also in the middle of a move right now, so things have been pretty busy lately. In the mean time, I’m having fun with experimental pieces and working on a small compilation of poetry I’ve titled Spam.

What is your work process like? Usually I begin with listening to music and brainstorming. Some of my favorites are The Velvet Underground, They Might Be Giants, and John and Yoko. Then I sketch with china marker on printer paper until I come up with a solid sketch. From there I get into Photoshop and create the general shapes and color of the illustration, and add in any detail later. If I’m not on a time crunch, I like to take an hour or two away from a project before finishing so I come back with fresh eyes. For clients, I typically make my ideas more clear with sketches before starting on anything, but for personal work I like building on the original idea and allowing the production to primarily happen on screen. Either way, I try keeping the style consistent for both.

Favorite work snack? Potatoes of any sort. I love them all equally.

Any personal projects on the side that you’re excited about? I’m starting a series of album covers and posters for some of my favorite bands (maybe like one per month.) Me and my buddy said if we were in a band we’d call ourselves The Used Napkins, haha, so I plan on making a fictional cover for that too. I think it will be fun to come up with all the titles of the songs on the back of the album and maybe include some lyrics as well. I’m hoping a project like this will give me a chance to push my style a little further and try out some new techniques along the way.

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