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Introtuesday: Lisa Tegtmeier

We’re constantly looking for interesting artists on Instagram. We will be introducing them every tuesday in a series called Introtuesday. Please meet Hamburg, Germany based illustrator Lisa Tegtmeier.

What are you working on at the moment?
Lately I finished working on a series of illustrations for a German foundation magazine. It was the first time I illustrated the whole lead article and even the cover. It was lot of fun but also a big challenge: working on dozens of illustrations in a short time is hard. But I see it as a chance, hopefully other jobs will follow because of this one.

What is your work process like?
Normally I do a lot of research first. I’m reading and watching lots of images for inspiration. Then I draw everything into my sketchbook that could be useful. I’m directly thinking in complete images. So you’ll mostly find little layout doodles. When it’s for a client I’m more accurate so they can imagine what the final composition will look like. But I have experienced that the final work often can be something completely different, it’s like a surprise. I work with Illustrator and the tiny doodles gain so much through experimenting with shapes and colours. I love this transformation. When the sketch is just okay, colours and shapes will make it fancy, haha!

Favorite work snack?
Cookies! Generally I eat a lot while working, what is not the best I should do, I guess. Recently I switched to nuts, like Cashews, they’re even healthy.

Any personal projects on the side that you’re excited about?
I’m still working on my new website (which I’m very excited about) and a lot of personal illustrations to push my portfolio. I started illustrating a gym as I wanted to see my characters in rooms and not only on flat backgrounds. Another aim is to try mixing illustration with stats and infographic elements. We’ll see how it works.

Follow Lisa on Instagram and check out her portfolio at Check out the Drip For Drip coffee cup collaborations at

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