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Introtuesday: David McMillan

We’re constantly looking for interesting artists on Instagram. We will be introducing them every tuesday in a series called Introtuesday. Please meet Belfast, Northern Ireland based illustrator and art director David McMillan.

What are you working on at the moment? I’m currently just finishing up some magazine commissions, but around all of those I have been working with my studio buddies and illustration agency, UsFolk, to put together several illustration events for a big festival here in the Belfast called ‘Culture Night’. We had an exhibition of risographs, some kids drawing workshops and did some live drawing, screen printing and illustrated portraits. It was a lot of work but incredibly fun. I also painted a mural on our studio wall as part of the launch of the event. I’d never done something on that scale before so I really wanted to give myself that challenge, in amongst all the other work.

What is your work process like? I always find personal work at little harder to do. I always need deadlines to get things done so when I’m approached by editorial clients I always like having to do it in a set, short amount of time. You can’t overwork the idea or image too much, and I have always ended up enjoying the final illustration a lot more because of it. When I do personal work I can stay in my sketchbooks for weeks redrawing ideas, but the client work does inform how and what I want to make when I get back to personal stuff.

Favorite work snack? I’m a sucker for almond treats. When I worked from the studio in Bristol there was a local bakery on the corner of the street that sold amazing almond croissants, which went well with my morning coffee. Then in Berlin I had a routine for leaving the house around 11am to get shopping for the next few days and picking up a custard filled almond pastry. Now I’m back in Belfast I’m back on the almond croissants, sadly there isn’t proper european-style patisseries here where I can get a good fix.

Any personal projects on the side that you’re excited about? I sadly haven’t been able to focus enough of my time on personal work the past month or so, but I do have a lot of ideas floating around sketchbooks I need to finish. Now that Culture Night is over I have a risograph book I’ve been wanting to make for a long, long time. Past Drip for Drip collaborator, Bratislav Milenkovic and myself started a drawing project after meeting in Berlin, that I really need to focus more time on. I really admire his work and so now I have more time I need to get back to him with some drawings. That will be fun to see where it can go.

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