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introtuesday: Laura Bee

We’re constantly looking for interesting artists on Instagram. We will be introducing them every tuesday in a series called Introtuesday. Please meet Brooklyn, USA based illustrator Laura Bee.

What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment, I’m collaborating with my fam at Ghostly Ferns on a brand/event design project. We’re working on everything from logo design, brand illustration style, web design, all through to the experience design of the event. It’s a heck of a lot of fun to have such a huge project to collaborate on and utilize all of our swanky skills. Aside from that I’m not currently working on any other client projects. I’m taking the time to revamp my own website and work on a talk I’m giving in a couple of months.

What is your work process like? I approach all of my work with a problem-solving mindset. At the beginning of a project, I like to know inside out what purpose my illustration has and what is it communicating to the world. I believe illustration is such a powerful tool to help shape a brand/product / business and to help figure out how to do so, I’m always asking “why?”. If you dig deeper into what your client wants AND why you are arriving at your creative solutions, you’ll figure out how to create more substance and provide a valuable outcome.

Favorite work snack?
I’m not huge on work snacks. However, I usually roll into my coworking space, Small City, mid-morning and end up eating breakfast at my desk, my favorite breakfast being a lemon poppy muffin from Smith Canteen. My work wife, Jen, is huuuge on work snacks and she orders me these weird blueberry dusted almonds that NOBODY in the world seems to like but me. They’re funky and I’m down with that.

Any personal projects on the side that you’re excited about?
Personal projects are something I struggle with. This is maybe because I approach my work with such a problem-solving mindset, that I find it hard to come up with a concept purely for fun. It’s something I’m trying to figure out, as I do want to explore styles and techniques that don’t necessarily come up in client briefs. My 2017 illustration-y resolution is to work on a project just for myself, no agenda. Just for the funsies.

Follow Laura on Instagram and check out her portfolio at Check out the Drip For Drip coffee cup collaborations at

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